New England Documentary Wedding Photographer

  • Hi there. I’m a New England documentary wedding photographer, living in Maine with my husband and two boys. With my family I spend a lot of time exploring the woods, building with Legos, and traveling near and far. On my own I love to read escapist novels and memoirs and watch lots of international crime dramas on Netflix. I studied Art History at Vassar, flirted with architecture, and have incurable wanderlust. I've lived in Boston, Seattle, Sydney, Edinburgh, and now the coast of Maine. I've always been inspired by seeing new landscapes and meeting new people.

    I know there are so many wedding photographers to choose from, so I'm grateful you're here.


  • I grew up enthralled by my grandparents' love story and the photos and letters that told it. I think it’s why I became a wedding photographer: to tell stories like theirs. And I love how photographs allow you to feel what's embedded in them and relive (or live anew) the memories that they capture. My priority as a wedding photographer is documenting the moments that will remind you how your wedding day felt. I believe it’s the nerves, anticipation, excitement, surprise, joy, and love that define your day and are the elements you'll want to remember. I want your wedding photos to bring you back to those feelings every time you look at them.