Elm Bank Wedding: An Elegant Celebration

A Wedding at Elm Bank

This Elm Bank wedding started in the whirlwind of Sarah getting dressed in a tiny office in the Hunnewell Building at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society with her 8 bridesmaids, her mother, and her mother-in-law-to-be. It ended in a frenzy of sparklers with a hundred revelers wishing the couple well as they sped off to Boston. In between was an elegant, romantic, and really fun wedding celebration that took place between the tidy Italianate garden of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society and the warmly sophisticated carriage house at Elm Bank. Sarah and Thomas claimed to not be picture people but I think the photos tell a different story.

  • Anne Brennan said:

    Wow, Siri, you captured this day amazingly. You have a special gift.

  • Mary Jo Astuti Lipson said:

    The pictures are so beautiful. Such a great couple!

  • Mary Jo Astuti Lipson said:

    Beautiful pictures of a great couple.

  • Anne Brennan said:

    Siri was amazing. She really captured this wedding. What a beautiful day, beautiful bride and groom.

  • Alana Pescatore Long said:

    These pictures are so beautiful! And so was your wedding!

  • Elissa Sbuttoni said:

    Bella, bella!

  • Catherine McCoy Mainero said:

    Anne that looked to have been a very special day.

  • Pam Pescatore said:

    Beautiful pictures of a very beautiful bride and groom!

  • Siri Schwartzman Photography said:

    Thank you thank you!

  • Kristyn Traylor Caparrotta said:

    Beautiful pictures!