Documentary Wedding Photographer | Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Photographer FAQs

What should we expect from you on our wedding day?
First and foremost, your wedding day is about you and about your celebration. I don’t get in the way of that. As a documentary wedding photographer, I am there to record the moments – and all the emotions – as they happen. When we are making portraits I will lightly direct you but generally I try to keep my input to a minimum so your wedding photography looks and feels natural. I heard someone say once that the photography should be about the wedding and not the other way around. I subscribe to this ethos.

What kind of weddings do you photograph?
I photograph (and love) all kinds of weddings. The most important thing is that I’m a good fit for your wedding – both in my emotive photographic style and my personality. Of course I love outdoor weddings, intimate weddings, and creative weddings. But any event that is personal to you is wonderful for me to photograph. If any of that sounds like your wedding plan, let’s talk.

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Do you work with a second photographer?
With the exception of a few weddings per year, I mostly work solo. I feel it best suits my style of candid photography as I want to remain unnoticed throughout the day so that I can capture all the wonderful and natural moments at your wedding. Of course, sometimes it’s really helpful to have a second photographer – if you’re having a big wedding or there are multiple locations involved in the day. In those cases, I make sure that I’m bringing someone along who is a professional and also a documentary wedding photographer.

Are you in Boston or are you in Maine and do you travel?
Both and yes! My home studio is on the coast of Maine but because I have a comfy bed and safe place to keep my things in the Boston area, I photograph lots of Massachusetts weddings. I also work throughout New England and have documented weddings in Oregon, Washington state and California. I don’t charge a travel fee within 90 miles of Hudson, Massachusetts or Camden, Maine. For travel afar, please contact me for a custom quote.

How do we work together?
Let’s talk. I’m now based in midcoast Maine (see above) – if you’re near this beautiful area, let’s meet for coffee. If you’re in the Boston area (or anywhere else!) we can Skype or jump on the phone. If you’d rather just email, that’s fine too. And as far as booking goes, I require a signed contract and one-third of your package total to hold your date.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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